About me

"Psychology and Performance"

Kiki Hohnen combines her background in academia with generous helpings of fun. She is a psychologist and an improv comedy actress with a background in teaching, training and coaching. She taught cultural psychology at the University of Amsterdam, and has given trainings to such companies as ING, Diageo, Expatica, Dating Gym, and Orange Business Services, and has provided improv workshops on behalf of Boom Chicago and Easylaughs.

Coming from a multicultural background, she is a native speaker of English, French and Dutch. Kiki Hohnen has extensive theoretical knowledge and practical experience in the fields of intercultural communication and motivational interviewing.


Kiki's workshops are unique because she has the ability to seamlessly combine scholarly material about psychology and interpersonal dynamics with incredibly fun performance exercises. This has made me a better improviser as the characters I assume during a scene become more realistic and enjoyable to explore. I continue to reference her teaching long after the workshop ends!

- John Mabey, Associate Academic Adviser

The positive energy that you had definitely helped the team a lot. I tend to be more grounded and pragmatic (as a Greek and a computer Geek) than average but the positive energy helped me let loose.

- Perikles Panagouleas

Kiki is one of that rare breed of teachers - the great ones; the ones you always remember as having inspired you to pursue an interest. Her passion for improvisation theatre is contagious and her sessions are full of fun and I've always walked away from a session feeling alive and filled with a sense of exhilaration! I think Kiki's background teaching psychology at a university adds depth to her style of teaching improv comedy and makes her unique. It seems to make her more sensitive to the needs of individual players in an improv group. Her teaching style is patient, sensitive while being full of energy and her feedback is detailed and helps players improve. Expect to have loads of fun working with Kiki and to have action-packed sessions!

- Nisha Dass

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