Communication Training

Effective communication can add greatly to staff productivity and motivation. This 4 hour training focusses on simple communication skills that will help create a positive working environment.

Intercultural communication

International and national companies alike are increasingly staffed by people from a wide range of cultural backgrounds. Differing cultural norms can create white noise in communications and frustrate interactions. This training deals with a broad range of topics that may affect intercultural communication, such as prejudice and assumptions, and offers practical solutions that help smooth your workplace interactions.

Motivated staff are more likely to feel happy at work, to adhere to company policies and to go the extra mile when completing projects. This training teaches managers communication techniques that increase motivation.

Presentation training

Skillfully delivered presentations are much more likely to receive the attention that their content deserves, whereas a poor presentationís message may be lost, no matter how good the content is. This training teaches your employees the tools necessary for a successful, memorable presentation.

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